ytcracker (feat. mikey) - dcpd bangerz vol. 1

this PROFANTITY FREE 6 track album was written, recorded, and produced in less than 10 hours. cross my heart, hope to die, stick needles in my eye, swear on everything.

DEPRESSING NEWS: since we have released the album and it has become a sensation overnight because of how awesome and famous we are, the ORIGINAL DCPD sites NO LONGER are hosting the banging beats that they once were. you can look in the left navbar of every page on the website and they still have the music on/off text and the flash code for the player is still in the html source, but everything that was in their /music/ directory has been deleted. we are working on mirroring the site to restore it to it's full glory.

slight update that i need to make here: rmk invisioned that i would do an album to this the moment he visited the site. he was right.

my friend mikey pasted me a link in skype to this police department's site -

EVERY page on this website was filled with the most banging beats i had ever heard. whoever picked these beats for this website seriously needs to be an a&r for a major record label.

i decided to make a concept album using some of the hot beats on these pages and creating a backstory for the song based on what information was on the page. the songs are all named after the .html you can find the beat and story on.

tracklist (click the individual track to listen):

01 -
02 -
03 -
04 -
05 -
06 -


all the lyrics are here or in the lyrics directory in the album archive.


bryce case, jr.

(c)2k9 - infinity digital gangster enterprises, llc and the dekalb county police