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ytcracker and hairetsu – wllt ep

i didn’t even blog about this album existing because i am a shitty person.

anyway, we shot this shitty video and i did a shitty job editing and directing it. you can see when i am rapping my first verse at the beginning me and steve are laughing, so i obviously took my job seriously.

the song is about john stamos and his career as an astronaut and professional gamer.

it is also on spotify.
or pirate it.
the album is on youtube. try it before you buy it.
then delete it.
then redownload it because you forgot how bad it was.

i really need to overhaul this website’s content one day when mania gets the better of me and i feel like wasting the universe’s energy on entropic gibsoning of mine own space vehicles. it is too bad i am a bipolar mess and vomit internet. gingerbread cookies.